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A World of Luxury Awaits.
The Cellar
Wine Tasting Experience
Our wine tasting experience takes you on a journey of some exceptional wines, hand-selected from the best vineyards from the world's legendary wine regions. Our aim is to provide you with unparalleled choice and quality, from familiar favourites to some of the rarest and most exclusive bottles of wine available anywhere. With our wine collection exceeding over 700 wines, we are confident our wine tasting experiences will satisfy every palate.
The Cellar
A Unique Tasting in The Wine Cellar & Dinner in The Oak Room
Take an exploration to one of your favorite wine regions. A trip to Italy, France, Argentina or maybe to Tuscany, Bordeaux or Napa where you will discover the culture and history of winemaking in these country/regions. Taste best vintages of the wines your chosen country/region has to offer.

This experience includes:
- A unique and intimate wine tasting experience for two people in The Wine Cellar of Adare Manor.
- Dinner for two guests in the Michelin-starred Oak Room, with a remarkeable seven-course meal from the Market menu.
- Your meals will also be expertly paired by Jurica Gojevic, winner of the Michelin Sommelier Award 2020. The 'Beyond Sommelier' wine pairing showcases some of the finest examples of wines produced today.
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